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The celebration of the new spring festival in Confucius college in our school

During the Lunar New Year 2018, the Confucius College of the American Presbyterian Society held a series of celebrations in the new year.
In February 9th, the American Presbyterian Institute of Confucius held a new spring celebration at the Clinton primary school. The students performed Chinese songs, twelve Chinese Zodiac shows, kungfu tea art and traditional costumes show in succession, attracting the applause of students, parents and teachers. The school was carefully prepared for Chinese lunch, and the dragon dance in the afternoon pushed the activity to a climax.
On the 17 day, Kong Yuan held a spring festival reception in Greenville, South Carolina. The 4 school leaders of the College of Presbyterian College, the American students of the college and the representatives of the Chinese students in China attended the Spring Festival. Presbyterian College President Bob Stanton in his speech stressed the important cooperation between the Presbyterian College and Guizhou University formed a long time, hope to promote the exchange of students between the Confucius Institute by platform. Dr. Roy Campbell professor of history department, China Culture Research Center Institute said that in 2003 he started to participate in Presbyterian College and Guizhou University cooperation, the future will continue to develop along the road of hope has been constantly encourage. Chinese songs such as "the moon represents my heart", "good new year" and "congratulations and fortune" on Chinese songs are loved by the guests.

On the 24 day, the ninth South Carolina Chinese star competition was held in the Edmonds Hall of the Presbyterian College. The competition attracted nearly 70 Chinese learners from many schools in South Carolina. The players fully expressed their passion for learning Chinese and showed the results of their study. Katie Rose Dion of South Carolina State University picked up the title of "South Carolina Chinese star", and Emily Knapp, the East Point bilingual school, brought the "South Carolina future star" into the bag.

The celebration of Spring Festival in Confucius college is not only welcomed by students, but also attracted the attention of local media and citizens. (Clinton Chronicle) and (Laurens County Advertiser) carried out special reports respectively.
Clinton said: "the primary school principal Edward and Presbyterian Confucius Institute cooperation so that the children can receive from another language and another culture, we hope that the Chinese New Year celebrations become traditional schools, so that every child can feel the charm of the culture of Chinese."