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Why study in China

China has become one of the most popular study abroad destinations for international students because of its long history and exciting culture. Study abroad in China provides opportunities for international students to look things from Chinese perspective. Merging the knowledge of both China and their home countries will give students an advantage to explore potential opportunities in China for the future. Let’s see why Chia is likely to be part of your future.


Unique and mysterious Chinese culture

China is one of the four ancient civilizations in the world, with a splendid culture and long history. Aspects of the culture such as Chinese traditional medicine and Chinese Kong Fu are world treasures.


The highly-diversified terrain of China takes you from bustling cities full of colorful nightlife to isolated mountain-top Ming-Dynasty villages where you can even hear a pin drop. As one of the world’s oldest continuous civilization, China will have you stumble on history here and there. But it’s not just a museum of imperial relics, the booming development has left China’s coastline glittering with some of the world’s most modern cities with a forward-thinking dynamism.


Rapid economic growth

The Chinese economy may overtake the U.S. by 2035 and be twice our size soon after--or so say the wise folks at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. See this economic engine in action, learn what makes it go, and you'll be in a position to grow right along with it.


Affordable tuition and living cost

Compared to some European countries, America, Japan, South Korea and other Asian countries, the cost of studying in China is much more reasonable. The tuition for most popular programs is only about 2500 to 5000 US dollars a year.


You can live a content life with a small budget in China. In cities like Beijing or Shanghai, a rent for a small apartment will be at least 200 to 300 US dollars per month. In small cities and towns, housing prices are much lower, for example, a rent for an apartment with two beds could be 100 US dollars per month in the city of Qingdao, Dalian, Nanjing, Changsha, Weifang and so on. A meal at a local restaurant for one person could only cost 2-5 US dollars. Taking a bus is usually about 15 cents, and a subway ticket in Shanghai and Beijing is about 30 cents.


More opportunities for getting a job

China’s economy is growing very quickly and there will be millions of new jobs opening up every year. Foreign businesses are setting up bases in China every month and they need employees with relevant cultural knowledge. But even if you don’t choose to actually live in China, your knowledge of the country could give you access to graduate opportunities in international companies.


Studying abroad consistently ranks as one of the top things that employers look out for. Though living in China is definitely not as scary as you might think, adapting to a new culture does develop your confidence, independence and problem-solving skills. Time spent studying in a whole new country will give your CV that added edge.


Most of universities are recognized in the world

The educational institutions available for international students in China are of very high reputation and prestige. In recent years China has poured a lot of money in their educational system, and has begun to provide many full scholarships for college students. Chinese universities are renowned for their excellence in science, technology engineering and math. Recently, Chinese schools have been ranked some of the best in the world for science and math. There are several great colleges in China, with each province having their share of great colleges. Schools in China offer several different types of English-taught degree programs including engineering, business and medicine. Many students decide to further their education and apply for graduate level schools like masters programs and PhDs.